Wine Kit - 1 Gallon World Vineyard - Australian Chardonnay

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The World Vineyard collection offers wines from Australia, California, South America, and Europe. These wines don't require the long aging process that the Eclipse wines need but still represent these distinct wine regions. Ready to bottle in 4-6 weeks and ideally drunk 3-6 months after bottling.

These kits are 1 gallon versions of the normal World Vineyard kits. If you are looking to make wine but don't want to commit to 6 gallons the this is the perfect solution. Try out some styles without making 6 whole gallons of a wine you don't end up liking.

Chardonnay - Australia

This Chardonnay is very versatile with foods. Pair it with grilled pork, chicken, fish, salads, or cream based pasta sauces. It has a supple, slightly buttery flavor with layers of toast and spice.

  • Peach, mango, and toasty vanilla
  • Sweetness: Dry 
  • Oak: Light
  • Body: Medium
  • Alcohol: 13.0%